What’s On Your Merch Table, Randy Rogers Band?

Randy Rogers Band
– Randy Rogers Band

Who: The Randy Rogers Band, a San Antonio-based six-piece part of the Texas “red dirt” country scene.

Road Digging: Since 2005, RRB has played Dallas-Fort Worth 70 times and Houston 62 times but regularly leaves Texas to play the Midwest and South.

Merch Overview: Merch sales are the band’s second largest venues stream after live performances.

What’s For Sale: Regular T-shirts ($30); three-quarter sleeved ($35); hoodies ($45) hats (25); beer koozies ($5); and CDs(15).

Merch Guy/Gal: Justin Rice has toured over 13 years with RRB for a year.

What’s Hot: Soft, tri-blend shirts. Three-quarter sleeve T-shirts.

The Steady Sellers: RRB’s merch table has nine different hat designs and five different koozies. “Koozies are a huge portion of the merchandise,” says Rice. “People are going to drop $5 for a koozie as opposed to $30 or $35.

Music: RRB sells CDs to possibly get autographed. For vinyl, Justin directs fans to the website. “One day we’ll be in 80-degree weather and the next day we’ll be in 20-degreess.

Per-head average: About $4 a head now, although “it’s been as high in our best markets.”

What’s A Merch Manager Make?: Rice get’s daily plus commission. “I have made anywhere from 200-4,000 in one night,” he said. “It’s a heck of a rollercoaster.”

 Keeping Track Of It All: RBB uses atVenue to manage point-of-sale transactions, inventory management and reporting.