Charlie Walk Splits From Republic Records Amidst Harassment Allegations

Charlie Walk
– Charlie Walk

Charlie Walk is reportedly stepping away from his role as president of Republic Records after a number of individuals have come forward accusing Walk of sexual harassment.

Walk and Republic have reportedly agreed to a mutual parting of the ways, according to Variety, with Walk retaining the services of lawyer Patricia Glaser, who also represents Harvey Weinstein.

The first accusations against Walk surfaced in a post from his former co-worker Tristan Coopersmith on her website LifeLabHB, in which she said he would harass her in the office and at outside-work events. Coopersmith claimed she told a colleague, who arranged her graceful exit and payment for her silence.

He was subsequently accused by several others, including Pam Kaye, Kate Harold, and other women who preferred to remain unidentified in an article published by Rolling Stone.

Walk categorically denied all charges in the Rolling Stone article. “I did not do these things and this is not who I am,” he told the publication. “Throughout my career I have always sought to conduct myself professionally and appropriately. It is upsetting to be presented with false claims from long ago that I know to be untrue and were never reported. I support the national discussion taking place right now because I believe fully in the importance in treating everyone with respect and dignity at all times.”

Pollstar reached out to Charlie Walk’s Republic Records office and Universal Music Group for this story.