UK Study: Going To Concerts Increases Life Expectancy

Going to a live gig every two weeks could increase one’s lifespan by nine years, a study commissions by O2 and conducted by behavioral scientist Patrick Fagan claims.

O2 Academy Brixton
– O2 Academy Brixton
Visit regularly, and you may live longer

Just 20 minutes at a gig can increase a person’s feelings of wellbeing by 21 percent. And an increase in wellbeing leads to a longer life, according to “additional scholarly research.”

The findings came off the back of psychometric and heart-rate test during people’s wellbeing activities, which included gig-going, yoga and dog walking. “The gig experience increased participants feelings of wellbeing by 21 percent – with key markers across the happiness spectrum showing increases, including feelings of self-worth (plus 25 percent) and closeness to others (plus 25 percent) whilst mental stimulation climbed by an impressive 75 percent,” the findings read.

The communal experience seems to be what turns a music venue into a happy place for many Brits: 67 percent of those surveyed said “experiencing live music makes them feel happier than simply listening to music at home.”

Fagan points out that regular gig attendance was required to feel the benefits. “Combining all of our findings with O2’s research, we arrive at a prescription of a gig a fortnight which could pave the way for almost a decade more years of life.”

O2 will be thrilled about these results, given that the telecommunications giant sponsors Live Nation’s 19 Academy Music Group venues in the UK as well as AEG’s O2, London.

As can be seen when taking a look at Pollstar’s top arenas rankings, the O2 sold more than 20 million tickets since opening in 2007. And O2 claims it welcomed more than 25 million visitors to O2 Academy venues to date.

The O2- London’s CMO Nina Bibby said: “We all know just how good it is seeing your favourite band or artist live, but now we have the proof. Life doesn’t come with catch up and through Priority Tickets, O2 customers have access to over 5,000 live shows in more than 350 venues across the UK every year.”