Eps GmbH Expands Management Team In Germany With Celine Kühnel

Celine Kühnel is joining German infrastructure service provider Eps Gmbh as managing director, effective April 15. She joins Martin Steffen and Andreas Degen, the company’s other two MDs.

Celine Kühnel
– Celine Kühnel
Joins CEO team at eps gmbh

Kühnel has been working for Eps since 1999, overseeing numerous concerts and tours as project manager. She supervised the productions of The Rolling Stones, Robbie Williams, AC/DC, as well as German superstars Helene Fischer and Herbert Grönemeyer.

She became the company’s senior account manager in 2013, responsible for the calculation of major events, customer service and sales.

Said Steffen: “Celine has been part of the Eps family for almost 20 years and knows all the ups and downs in the company’s history. I have been working closely with Celine for four years. During this time, I have seen how well Celine has become familiar with the national and international business and assumed responsibility. I am convinced that Celine, with her know-how, experience and special industry knowledge acquired over many years, is the person who lives the qualities of Eps and will continue and further develop them in the interest of the company. We are happy that we found what we have been looking for with Celine in our own company. In this way, we see the positive spirit and continuity of our development secured optimally.”

Celine Kühnel added: “Now – 2018 – the Eps Gmbh ship owners let me take over the steering wheel. I am pleased to be able to apply all that I have learned over the past 20 years in a responsible and influential way: define destinations, determine courses, assemble equipment, tune up crew, observe weather and storms, and explore new waters along the way.”