EMMA: New Pan-European Artist Managers Alliance Formed In London

Music managers from across Europe met in London on April 11, to form a new collective body called the European Music Managers Alliance (EMMA).

EMMA founding members
– EMMA founding members
From left: Per Kviman (MMF Sweden), Eivind Brydoy (NEMAA Norway), Ania Kasperek (MMF Poland), Cecilie Torp-Holte (NEMAA Norway), Keith Harris (Chair EMMA), Annabella Coldrick (MMF UK), Virpi Immonen (MMF Finland), Magdalena Jensen (MMF Poland)

The UK, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Norway and Finland all have their own music managers forums, which are now joining under an umbrella organization chaired by Keith Harris, long-time member of Stevie Wonder’s management team.

EMMA will have links to similar organizations in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa. It will collectively represent more than 800 managers across Europe, and another 600 worldwide.

EMMA’s initial focus will lie on three issues: licensing and fair remuneration in the digital age, public policy as well as education and research. EMMA is to unveil a detailed agenda at MIDEM in Cannes, France, June 5-8.

Said Harris: “As the business representatives of artists, songwriters and producers, the role of the music manager has assumed ever greater importance in the digital era. For the future health of our business, and particularly with Brexit on the horizon, it is therefore vital that managers can maintain close contact and participate fully and openly in all commercial and policy discussions that impact on our clients.

“The creation of EMMA will make this possible. Going forward, digital services, legislators and other industry partners will have opportunity to connect with the widest range of music managers via a single networked organization.”

EMMA board members will be nominated by all founding members.

Cecilie Torp-Holte, chief officer of NEMAA Norway, said, EMMA creates “an efficient European network where we can work together on an EU or global level, as well as share experiences, knowledge and education.”

Virpi Immonen, Chairperson MMF Finland: “More than ever before, we need to work together, collaborate and be united. Transparency, diversity and equality are important issues and we want to support this new initiative with our European and international colleagues.”

Steijn Koeijvoets, board member of the Dutch MMF: “MMF NL has always been a supporter of initiatives that will be beneficial to the position of managers and the artists they represent. We are happy to be able to play an active role in the improvements of our business and joining EMMA is a good step towards building a better future.”

Magdalena Jensen, chairperson MMF Poland: “In a world increasingly characterized by ever-tighter borders and skepticism, we need organizations that build bridges, especially when we are so lucky to work with such a connecting medium as music.”

Per Kviman, chair MMF Sweden: “It’s time for managers to make themselves heard in the fast changing music industry, and to ensure we are well-represented in discussions with decision makers in Brussels. EMMA will give us an equal seat at the table and ensure we remain at the frontline of the debate.”

MMF UK’s chief executive Annabella Coldrick: “The UK MMF is committed to thinking beyond Brexit and working even more closely with our European and international manager colleagues to campaign for fairness, transparency and bringing down barriers to music. Our members all represent artists with global businesses. We believe we are stronger and more influential working together to affect change for the better.”  

Leanne de Souza, executive director of Australia’s AAM: “Artist managers are working the careers of their artists earlier than ever before. The opportunities of reaching global markets and networks is fundamental to negating the geographical isolation that Australian managers encounter. Peer support and professional development activities are vital and the AAM welcomes the opportunity to further the global reach of our 250 Australian artist managers through EMMA.”