Travis Scott Countersues Over Pre-Super Bowl Show Cancellation

Travis Scott and XX Global are firing back at the promoters who claim the artist bailed on a Minneapolis show the night before the NFL’s big game.
Travis Scott
Joel Ryan / Invision / AP
– Travis Scott
Travis Scott is high-flying during the MTV European Music Awards at The SSE in Wembley, London, Nov. 12.
The original claim was filed by PJAM LLC, promoters for a Feb. 3 show at Myth Live in Minnesota, according to The Blast, claiming that Scott “refused to show up to the event,” and the promoters were left out of a ton of money and with significant reputational harm.
The defendants filed a countersuit April 17, essentially claiming PJAM were amateurs who paid the $150,000 of the $200,000 owed but didn’t have the funds to cover Scott’s transportation as agreed upon or the remaining $50,000 of his guaranteed artist’s fee, and the show was subsequently canceled. 
“Just hours before Travis and his team were supposed to be “wheels up” from Los Angeles heading to Minneapolis, PJAM still had not provided a confirmed travel itinerary,” Howard E. King stated in a summary of the countersuit for King, Holmes, Paterno & Soriano, LLP. “In a misguided attempt to spin the narrative and salvage their tattered reputation, PJAM sued Travis to get back their deposit, when the responsible step would have been to pay Travis the balance of his fee and move on to their next opportunity.”
The suit, a copy of which was obtained by Pollstar, includes the contract between PJAM and Scott, in which it is clearly stated that travel, accommodations and expenses would be covered by the promoters.
The countersuit, filed April 17, seeks to bar all claims for recovery from the plaintiff, damages for other work opportunities missed, costs of the suit and attorney fees.
Scott did perform in Las Vegas the morning of Feb. 4 as scheduled, after which it was publicly announced that his child with Kylie Jenner had been born.
Pollstar attempted to contact individuals affiliated with PJAM LLC for this story.