Kathy Griffin Heads For North America

Kathy Griffin
Nicholas Yeo for LA Comedy Live
– Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin performs at The Star Gallery in Singapore Nov. 3.

Ever since the circulation of a controversial photo of Kathy Griffin holding a replica of a severed head of President Donald Trump, many speculated her career would be over, but she has been touring internationally since the incident and is now plotting a return to her home country.

The run is part of the global “Laugh Your Head Off” world tour, opening with a sold-out show May 23 in Ottawa, Ontario.

There are plenty of shows on the itinerary, but new additions, which go on sale May 1, start with June 17 in Portland, Ore., two Southern California shows in July and an extended run through August, September and October, wrapping up Oct. 26 in Detroit.

The content of the show promises to be “some serious smack talking” about a variety of subjects, including the photo that caused all of the controversy and the fallout.

Griffin is not very good about reporting her ticket sales, but her most recent run has sent her through Europe and Australasia. Her routing, notably, had a large gap between her May 26 gig and a New Zealand play Oct. 19, as the infamous photo began circulating May 30.

She did apologize publicly for the photo, acknowledging she went too far. She still lost numerous gigs, including her role as spokesperson for Squatty Potty and the New Year’sEve broadcast with CNN.

You can learn more about Kathy Griffin’s headline tour on her Pollstar artist page.