Kyle Frenette Withdraws From Congressional Race

– Kyle Frenette
Middle West Management co-founder and longtime Bon Iver manager Kyle Frenette has taken his name out of the running for Wisconsin’s 7th congressional district.
The announcement came on Frenette’s official campaign website May 25.
“I didn’t get into this race because I wanted to be a politician but because I wanted to be a representative. I wanted to represent the people of the 7th district; to give back to this amazing place that’s given me so much,” a statement read. “Unfortunately, it is not my time. It is with a heavy heart I must withdraw my candidacy for Congress. Due to unforeseen circumstances in my life, I will not be able to continue giving this campaign and the people of the 7th district the time and attention they deserve.”
“I will continue to work hard to effect change and uphold the values this campaign stood for: health care for all; environmental protections; strong economic growth; high quality education; and ensuring our society values lives over guns. Values that allow everyone, regardless of gender, age, race or location, the ability to achieve their dreams.”
Frenette announced his candidacy in February, and spoke to Pollstar about the experience, saying there was a lot of overlap between running a political campaign and promoting an album.
Prior to his brief stint in politics Frenette worked as the manager of Bon Iver for more than a decade. Middle West Management also counts Aero Flynn, Dem Yuut, S. Carey, The Shouting Matches and Volcano Choir as its clients.
Pollstar reached out to ask if Frenette would be returning to Middle West management, but hadn’t heard back at press time.