Lightning In A Bottle’s Path To Enlightenment

Lightning In A Bottle Festival
Michael Roush/Courtesy Lightning in a Bottle
– Lightning In A Bottle Festival
Enlightenment Now: Culinary arts demos are among the more than one-hundred non-music events programmed for this year’s Lightning In A Bottle festival.

This Memorial Day weekend,

WTF Is Going On? An Astrological Overview of 2018 & Beyond  
“This talk will explore what we are all feeling and going through not only in 2018, but what lies ahead on the road to the great Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction in 2020.”
The UNSpelling – Rites of the Serpent 
“A ritual journey into the descendants of the witches who never got burned.”
Hand Drill Friction Fire 
“With just a few tools and some technique we will be making fire like cave people.”
Rainbow Race: Guardians of the Emerald Light 
“Breath, movement and sound play a fundamental role in this multidimensional interactive encounter.”
Soulful Sprouting 
“We’ll not only walk through the steps needed to grow sprouts in a mason jar but we’ll cover how and why to sprout many different raw foods including nuts, seeds, beans, and grains!”
Intersectional Healing & Intentional Celebration w/ Psychedelics 
“MDMA-assisted psychotherapy research, and research with other psychedelic-assisted therapy, shows us the vast potential for psychedelics to heal trauma and help people approach wholeness.”
Culinary Rewilding with Oaks and Acorns 
“Get ready to learn, grind acorns, leach tannins, and eat some acorn cakes!