StubHub UK To Display All-In Ticket Prices, Fears Market Distortion

After the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) took action against secondary ticketing websites earlier this year, pointing out transparency issues, StubHub has updated the way prices are displayed on its UK website.

StubHub UK
– StubHub UK
Customers are now able to see ticket prices including all fees that are going to be added

Customers of StubHub UK will now see the full ticket price displayed, including all fees that will be added to the ticket. Fans always had the option to view the full price including fees via a toggle on the event page, but StubHub UK will now make this the default display option.

“All ticket prices listed on StubHub UK will be the final price paid, with no additional fees added on at checkout, in compliance with the Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA) ruling,” a company statement reads, adding that “this is the first of many of changes that StubHub is introducing to its UK website over the next several months, to improve the experience that fans have when buying a ticket from resale sites.”

Future changes include “enhanced seat information, clarity on any restrictions on the ticket, and even more seller information.”

Wayne Grierson, StubHub UK country manager, commented: “StubHub is a fan first company and we want to ensure that we deliver the right experience and transparency for the customer. This is why we welcome the clarification on all-in pricing, as it will help fans make accurate comparisons. We hope this experience will be consistent across all ticket websites, regardless of whether a fan is buying primary or resale tickets.”

Grierson was referring to the fact that primary players are still free to display prices excluding fees such as booking and delivery charges. Pollstar reached out to StubHub’s Global Head of Public Affairs Aimee Campbell for further clarification.

She said: “We welcome any measures which make it easier for fans to understand how much they are paying for tickets. That said, the ruling by the ASA means that primary and secondary sites will now offer fans a totally different experience as prices will be displayed in a very different way. We believe this will create confusion and put secondary sites at a disadvantage — especially in cases where tickets are being sold below the original price.”

Campbell added, “By making one side of the industry change, the market will become distorted. Fans will either become confused when fees are added on primary sites or see a price on secondary and not understand that it is the price they will pay.”

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