Touring App Grows, Making Fans Of Jason Aldean, Luke Combs, Red Light Management & More

Cloud-based live touring application Artist Growth has announced a round of developments including a strategic partnership with Pinnacle Financial Partners and praise from major players like the teams of Jason Aldean and Luke Combs
The company says Artist Growth now tracks more than $2.5 billion in tour revenue and nearly $700 million in expenses, with total event guarantees tracked around $1.7 billion.
Starting in 2012 as a tool for tour managers, Artist Growth (AG) has become a powerful platform that can be used by business managers, labels, promoters, agents, publicists, travel agents as well as musicians themselves to make touring more effective and easier than ever. 
AG users can organize everything from events calendars, day sheets, travel, deal info, tasks, tour merchandise, sales, tickets, finances and reports with a customizable point-and-click interface that works on desktop and mobile and is a fully cloud-based system allowing multiple users and real-time changes.
The program has some high-profile users, including Jason Aldean’s team as well as Luke Combs manager Chris Kappy, who said, “Our entire team uses the project, from our business managers in New York, … they love the product, all the way down to our bus driver.
“Everybody in between that touches the product says they love it,” he said, praising the ability to view multiple artists through the app’s master calendar.
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Other notable achievements include being used by major management companies such as Red Light Management, Vector Management and label UMG. 
The strategic partnership and equity investment from Pinnacle Financial Partners aims “to bring a new model of financial services to touring entertainers.”