Reviews: Ed Sheeran, Lil Uzi Vert, Shania Twain & More

This week, for your reading enjoyment, we have compiled critical reviews of live performances from Ed Sheeran in Cardiff, Wales; Lil Uzi Vert in Milwaukee; Shania Twain in Montreal; Imagine Dragons in Milwaukee; Father John Misty in Los Angeles; and Keith Urban in Saratoga Springs, New York.
Ed Sheeran
Phil Walter / Getty Images
– Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran plays the first of three shows at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand, March 24.

Ed Sheeran @ Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, June 21 – “Performing with just a loop pedal and a guitar to tens of thousands of fans, Sheeran is a musical genius who is able to make a massive stadium feel much more like an intimate pub gig.” – Jessica Walford / Wales Online
Lil Uzi Vert @ Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wis., June 26 – “Backed by a shouty DJ, Uzi darted around the stage, did some wild-eyed dances, showed off his latest tattoos (a pair of bat wings over his shoulder blades) and just generally worked the crowd into a lather. Midway through the show he tried to goad his fans into starting a mosh pit, instructing them to ‘open up that middle!,’ and they probably would have complied had their been any room to do so.” – Evan Rytlewski / Shepherd Express
Shania Twain @ Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, 26 – “Twain’s between-songs banter, much of it in French, had an endearing awkwardness, but overall the show’s pacing could have been tighter. A rendition of You’re Still the One sung from from a vertiginously elevated trapeze swing was a highpoint, but an interminable interlude involving local wrestler Kevin Owens, followed by a corny ‘slide show’ of excerpts from old videos brought things to a virtual standstill.” – Ian McGillis / Montreal Gazette
Imagine Dragons
Mauricio Santana / Getty Images
– Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons performs the second day of Lollapalooza Brazil at Interlagos Racetrack in Sao Paulo March 24.

Imagine Dragons @ American Family Insurance Amphitheater in Milwaukee, Wis., June 26 – “At times, it either fell too short of its ambitions or appeared to be trying too hard. At one point, Daniel Platzman geared up to play a drum solo that fell far short of grandeur. The band also found itself returning to the same applause-baiting gimmicks — like four-way drum jams for “Start Over” and “I Don’t Know Why” — that they lost some impact on the extra go-arounds.” – Piet Levy / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Father John Misty @ Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, Calif., June 24 – “Wearing an all-white suit that seemed to be one giant clerical collar, Misty struck a series of moves on stage that sometimes had the feel of rock-star poses, and sometimes felt a little awkward – or a mixture of both, maybe? Certainly no performer has ever crossed his legs this much on stage before while remaining in a full standing position.” – Chris Willman / Variety
Keith Urban @ Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, New York, June 28 – “Urban and his band delivered a blend of country, rock and pop that fans have come to love, while keeping the concert interesting and interactive. After bringing a birthday boy attendee hailing from Oneonta on stage with him, Urban showed some love to the lawn seat crowd that endured the rain by giving one excited fan the guitar off of his back.” – Lauren Halligan / Saratogian Entertainment