Outside Lands Dedicates ‘Grass Lands’ Area To Cannabis

Poster Courtesy of Grandstand Media
– Grass Lands
A poster for Grass Lands, an area within Outside Lands dedicated to cannabis.

San Francisco’s destination music festival Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival is going green in a very new way for its 2018 edition: It is starting “Grass Lands,” an area within the festival dedicated to celebration, integration and education about cannabis products.
Recreational marijuana became legal in California Jan. 1, 2018, after voters approved a proposition to legalize the drug in 2016. Outside Lands has decided to put itself at the forefront of exploring how legalized cannabis and a major music festival overlap. 
“Outside Lands is always exploring different ways to create a unique and memorable festival experience for attendees, while also celebrating our Northern California community. Much the way that Wine Lands celebrates Napa and Sonoma as the leaders in U.S. wine production, Grass Lands will shine a light on the area’s importance as pioneers in the cannabis world,” Rick Farman, co-founder of Superfly, said in a statement. “With recreational marijuana now legal in California, there is so much to discover. We are excited to be the first major festival in the country to offer attendees the chance to learn about the latest in cannabis development.”
The area is being curated by Highland Events, along with festival organizers Another Planet Entertainment and Superfly. Grass Lands will include a “Greenhouse,” with “budtenders,” a “Lemonade Stand,” the “Flower Shop,” “Smell Wall” and “The Confectionary,” with “tasty treats,” a cannabis-themed Farmer’s Market, and a delivery service. 
Representatives for Outside Lands listed 14 cannabis companies as partners for Grass Lands, including Highland Events, which claims on its website it “specialize[s] in curating the best cannabis experience at mainstream music festivals and venues.”
Grass Lands will not allow the sale or consumption of marijuana on site at press time, and regulations surrounding these issues are still being figured out in many states where recreational use has recently become legal. The delivery service will not bring you weed on-site but you can receive your order at home after the show. 
This year’s edition of Outside Lands – which bills itself as “the world’s leading gourmet music festival” – will feature Florence + The Machine, The Weeknd, Janet Jackson, Future, Beck, Bon Iver, DJ Snake and Odesza. Last year’s event grossed nearly $28 million over three days and moved a reported 210,042 tickets.