Sacred Stone Erected & Twelve Moons To Go Until Doctor Music Festival Reincarnation In Spain

Doctor Music Festival
– Doctor Music Festival
The installation of the Sacred Menhir on the festival site

The legendary Doctor Music Festival is nearing its long-awaited return to Valle d’Aneu in the Catalan Pyrenees, Spain, for a one-off edition July 12-14, 2019.
Doctor Music Festival is credited with being the first large-scale music festival on a green field in Spain, so when promoter and Doctor Music founder Neo Sala announced its reincarnation last year, it was big news. 
The lead-up to the event is a proper ceremony: During two-day celebrations, July 23-24, local artists, gourmet experts and politicians involved in the project were present on the festival’s site, the Pla de Santa Maria next to the small town of Escalarre, to witness the installation of a sacred stone, a so-called Menhir.
According to organizers, this stone will act “as a core for the stream of energies flowing through the valley.” Geobiology expert Mariano Bueno alongside architect and sacred geometry specialist Assumpció Vilaseca oversaw the sanctuary’s construction.
Bueno explained, that “Menhirs are standing stones, anchored in the ground and pointing to the sky, which have been used since remote times to regulate energy flows. The energies from the Cosmos (sun, stars and galaxy) and the core of the Earth overlap and in an incessant flow of energy, human beings act as antennae with their arms extended to the sky, and their feet anchored to the Earth.”
Doctor Music Festival
– Doctor Music Festival
The mandalas act as vibratory spaces, uniting energies from Heaven and Earth, creating an ideal space for life, vitality and the festival

What is more, 104 tents were strategically arranged at chosen points in order to activate the mandala of the site. “The mandalas act as vibratory spaces, uniting energies from Heaven and Earth, creating an ideal space for life, vitality and Doctor Music Festival,” the sacred geometry experts explained.
It’s a show of respect and keeping with tradition for the festival’s team around Sala to get in harmony with the festival site ahead of event.
The dates for the ceremony weren’t chosen randomly. The stars in the Excalarre sky on July 23 fell in the same position as they will on the opening night of Doctor Music Festival, July 12, 2019. 
Stages are yet to be built, and the lineup is still a secret. However, as organizers point out: There are only 12 moons remaining until the Doctor Music Festival is fully reincarnated. May the energy of the cosmos guide us.”
Promoter Neo Sala told Pollstar: “I feel really excited. The memories of the incredible original editions of the Doctor Music Festival have been in our minds for over 20 years. And now that we are getting closer and closer to this ‘one-off’ Reincarnation Edition, all of us at Doctor Music can not wait for next year.
“It’s been a long journey to get here and now we just need to spin around the sun once more and we’ll be there. Twelve moons make the magic number, a glimpse of the actual Reincarnation that will take place in 2019 at the festival site.”
Doctor Music Festival
– Doctor Music Festival
The team involved in the event gathered around the Sacred Menhir to celebrate twelve moons to go until the festival returns

Doctor Music Festival took place in the Valle d’Aneu three times (1996, 1997, 1998), before moving to Asturias for a one-off in 2000. Acts that played the festival in the past include David Bowie, Rage Against The Machine, Blur, Beastie Boys, and Muse. Visitors of any of the former editions will receive a euro 50 discount.
The 2019 edition will host 5 stages, VIP and general camping for a minimum of 40,000 people.