Spotify Integrates Festicket To Help Users Discover Festivals Based On Listening Habits

Spotify is matching its own artist intelligence with Festicket’s extensive festival database to make festival recommendations based on its users’ listening habits.
The Festival Finder
– The Festival Finder
Festicket is helping Spotify users potentially find future favorite festival
Festicket claims to be the world’s largest online booking platform for music festivals. The Festicket website now features the so-called Festival Finder, a beta page, where visitors can log into their Spotify accounts to have their listening habits matched with upcoming music festivals.
The plan is to help festivalgoers find new events to visit, and encourage them to either buy a ticket on the spot or have their names added to a waiting list, in case ticket are not yet on sale.
– Festicket
CEO and co-founder Zach Sabban

According to CEO and co-founder Zack Sabban, Festicket offers more than 1,000 festivals on its platform. “We know first-hand how overwhelming it can be when trying to pick out the one to go to. We’ve all been there, sifting through lineup after lineup, encountering names we’ve never heard of,” he said.

According to Sabban, the Festival Finder “solves that problem by presenting a tailored list of festivals that best match your listening habits, including some under the radar gems that could soon become your new favourite festival destination.”
Dan Wong, product manager at Festicket, added: “This is the beginning of transforming Festicket’s extensive catalogue and expertise into an intelligent engine that helps festival goers with their journey of discovery.”
“Our Festival Finder focuses on what people primarily go to festivals for: the music. Expect cleverer and deeper ways to match festivals to personal tastes in future!”