Pollstar Accepting Excel For New Tour Date Entries

In order to get new tour dates listed as quickly as possible, Pollstar is encouraging that itineraries be sent in Excel spreadsheet format, only needing to include the date, artist and venue.
Pollstar has devised new ways to speed up the process of importing events from spreadsheets, where anyone submitting tour dates to appear on Pollstar listings needs only to make sure one event is listed per row and that each row contains enough information to create an event. 
While we will still accept breaking tour dates and major artist dates in other formats, such as PDF and DOCX, the best option to ensure your dates are listed promptly is to send in Excel.
More specifically, when listing artists, feel free to separate into to columns – for headliner as well as support. If only one artist column contains multiple artists, we will assume the first is the headliner with the rest being support.
When listing venues, first of all include the name. Of course, noting the city/state/country is useful as well, especially when many venues have the same or very similar names.
With dates, if submitting a series of events for a specific venue or artist, the name needs to be noted once and we will apply it to the rest.
For more information, see Pollstar’s developer blog, and further inquiries can be made to  Pollstar Chief Technology Officer Dan Martin or Tour Database and Box Office Editor Brad Rogers.