Second Event Safety & Security Summit In London Announces Lineup

Chris Kemp, CEO of MOM Consultancy, speaks at the first E3S
– Chris Kemp, CEO of MOM Consultancy, speaks at the first E3S
The sold-out inaugural edition took place at the Intercontinental Hotel at The O2, Oct. 10, 2017.

The second edition of the Event Safety & Security Summit (E3S) takes place Oct. 30 at the Congress Centre in Central London with over 400 delegates expected to attend.
The one-day meeting brings together leading international venue, festival, touring, sport and security professionals. This year’s lineup includes Lucy D’Orsi, deputy assistant commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police, who is going to hold the opening address, and Lord Kerslake, author of the independent enquiry into the Manchester Arena attack in 2017, who will present the key findings and recommendations of his report.
Panel sessions include “Protecting the Future of Live Events,” which examines what initiatives are helping develop an international safety culture, and “Learning Transferrable Lessons,” which considers operations from the World Cup to state visits by U.S. presidents to learn lessons from each scenario.
Crowd Connected’s James Cobb presents Mobile Messaging in Emergency Communication featuring exclusive results of crowd movement data – including evacuations – gathered from festival apps, while Daniel Brunsch (University of Cologne) introduces a new approach to crisis communications, The Guardian Angels.
Earlier this year, Pollstar spoke with James Cobb, CEO of Crowd Connected, a technology that gathers crowd data to help event professionals make informed decisions. At E3S, Cobb will show how this technology enables event producers to communicate effectively in emergency situations.
He is going to present exclusive results of crowd movement data – including evacuations – gathered from festival apps.
Daniel Brunsch, University of Cologne, introduces a new approach to crisis communications, Gary Simpson, security director at SMG Europe, leads a 45-minute workshop on developing “Dynamic Lockdown Procedures” for a variety of different events, and JSaRC’s Shaun Hipgrave reports on a year of trials of new methods and technology in “Alternative Approaches to High Footfall Screening.”
Other panel topics focus on flexible solutions to in-work training, while presentation topics include the threat to crowded spaces, prioritizing risk to events, integrated safety & security planning, the crowd as participatory threat sensors, working with group psychology in emergencies, trends in behavioural detection and the revolution in event incident logging. 
“This year’s agenda builds substantially on last year’s sold out event,” said ILMC head and E3S organiser Greg Parmley, “With 20 topics announced and more to come over the coming weeks, E3S sits in the centre of where safety, security and live events intersect.”
E3S is produced in close collaboration with the Mind Over Matter (MOM) Consultancy, the European Arenas Association (EAA), the UK’s National Arenas Association (NAA) and Association of Event Venues (AEV), with input from leading live event security companies, theatre and festival organisations.
Professor Chris Kemp, the CEO of MOM Consultancy, who has been working alongside Greg Parmley once again to develop the program of E3S, told Pollstar, “this event brings safety and security professionals and practitioners together to share good practice, to network and to create an interdisciplinary approach providing a much needed forum for debate and innovative thinking.”
Talking about last year’s premiere, Kemp said most speakers, promoters and venue managers attending E3S displayed a remarkable willingness to work together. “In the past, when we’ve had other issues, this hasn’t been the case,” he said. “But more and more people are recognizing that we’re a family, and that we actually have to work together to make things happen. That came across really strongly. I think the actual danger people are in has kind of sobered people up a little bit.”
Peter van der Veer, president of the European Arena Association, told Pollstar: “Safety and security are hot topics on the European Arenas Association agenda. In my opinion, E3S is an important platform for the whole live event market and should be in the calendar of anyone who is involved in safety and security of shows and other live events. It is the perfect location for face to face business, exploring new security trends, networking and increasing ones knowledge by the high qualitative seminar programme.”