Ticketmaster Rolls Out Samsung Galaxy Voice Integration

– Ticketmaster
The latest tech giant to partner with Ticketmaster is Samsung, as the company’s intelligent assistant program Bixby is now capable of discovering and buying tickets on select devices.
Using voice commands, users can tell Bixby to find events in their local market and the assistant will quickly facilitate the purchase through Ticketmaster. The integration is currently functional on Samsung Galaxy Note9 devices in North America.

“Ticketmaster is constantly looking for new ways to make it easy for fans to discover events and buy tickets, and voice is an exciting technology,” said Ticketmaster President Jared Smith. “By opening our platform over the past several years, Ticketmaster has greatly expanded our inventory’s reach and we’ve built a best-in-class list of third-party partners. Bixby offers yet another avenue for fans to tap into the largest selection of live events available. We’re excited about this partnership with Samsung because fans will see a personalized experience based on the artists, teams and events that they love the most.”

This partnership follows integrations with Facebook, Spotify, Groupon, BandsInTown, YouTube and many more. These integrations through social media and mobile technology are occurring with increasing frequency in the competitive digital ticketing market.