Troxy London Becomes ‘World’s Biggest Mobile-Only Venue’ With Dice Tickets

Troxy London
– Troxy London
The “world’s biggest mobile-only venue,” according to general manager Tom Sutton-Roberts
Troxy London and mobile-only ticketing agency Dice have teamed up to lock out touts, making the London venue the world’s biggest mobile-only venue by its own admission.
Both companies believe the move to digital will put fans first by implementing Dice’s mobile-only ticketing software. Dice allows fans, who cannot make the gig, to return their tickets via the Dice app itself and receive a refund.
The freed tickets are then offered to people that signed up for a waiting list. This also means that tickets can become available and be sold up to moments before an event starts.
“Touts are locked out of Troxy for good,” a statement announcing the partnership reads.
“The reality is that while paper tickets are sold in many UK venues, so will touts and so will the inflated tickets sold through the secondary ticketing market,” the statement continues.
The Troxy’s general manager Tom Sutton-Roberts said, “we may be one of London’s oldest independent venues but we’re proud to say that we’re still standing strong. Teaming up with Dice showcases a new chapter for us.
“As the world’s biggest mobile-only venue, we’re embracing innovative technology that favours fans and artists to bring spectacular performances to our stage.”
Russ Tannen, UK Managing Director at Dice, commented: “We have to beat the touts. Troxy joining the Dice family is a big win for fans who won’t be seeing inflated prices at this iconic venue.
“Have you been to Troxy? It’s insane – a beautiful 1930s building that survived a stint as a Gala Bingo to be reborn as one of the most iconic venues in London. The team and owners are as passionate about live music as they are about the building, and that comes through in everything they do.”
Adam Webb, campaign manager for FanFair Alliance, added: “Dice have been long-time supporters of the FanFair campaign, and this is another welcome step forward to ensure ticket resale works for fans and not touts.
“Recent legislative and regulatory changes are helping reshape the market, but some of the most exciting developments will involve adoption of new technology that improve the gig-going experience.”
Troxy London
– Troxy London
Hard to imagine that this iconic venue used to be a Bingo center