Festivalgoers At Reminisce Festival UK Taken To Hospital Over Drug Overdose

Reminisce Festival
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Festvialgoers were taken to hospital over suspected drug overdoses

One male and one female festivalgoer, aged 22 and 19 respectively, remain in critical condition after taking too much MDMA or ecstasy at Reminisce Festival in St Helens, England, Sept. 8.
Over the course of the day, a number of people were taken to hospital with suspected drug overdoses, the festival’s ogranizers confirmed in a statement.
Merseyside Police stated, “a 19-year-old female and a 22-year-old male were taken to hospital having attended the Reminisce Festival at Sherdely Park. Their conditions are currently described as critical.
“A number of other people have also been taken to hospital with suspected overdoses and are currently being treated by medical staff. The affected individuals are initially believed to have taken MDMA (also known as ecstasy tablets, although enquiries are ongoing to confirm this.”
Cases like this highlight the importance of allowing drug-testing at festivals. There’s one organization in the UK called The Loop, which is embraced by many police commanders working on site at festivals, including Boomtown, Parklife and Kendal Calling.
Laura Hunt, for instance, led the policing operation at the Secret Garden Party for many years. She pointed out that police already tested drugs on site and provided information of the contents to festivalgoers.   
“However, ‘The Loop’ goes further,” she said. “Using the same drug-testing equipment as that used by Cambridgeshire Constabulary, individuals can learn from professionals the exact nature of the substance that they have provided for testing. It is real front-of-house stuff, and, as evidenced by the figures, many individuals, once they had heard from the drug workers, indicated their intention to dispose of their remaining substances.”
Superintendent Jane Bailey, lead officer for drugs & psychoactive substances at West Midlands Police, said: “It was a first for West Midlands Police to pilot the safety testing of drugs at the MADE Festival, as part of a harm reduction strategy to reduce drug related deaths. 
“I was impressed with the operation, service and information The Loop provided, which enabled us to share information swiftly with those at the Festival, via social media to help them stay well.  We will be looking to build on the learning from our working with The Loop to expand drugs safety testing at further events in the future.”
Chief Inspector Gary Simpson, a police commander who worked at Parklife Festival, said: “Often the Police can solely focus on detection of drug offences and capturing offenders,  whilst that is important it I also essential to include a prevention and public health element to you plans, the loop Charity were instrumental in providing this element to overall public safety plan.
“As Police Commander for such events I am always interested in new ideas that can reduce the risk to the public, after all, we are all here to ultimately protect the public.  I look forward to working with Fiona and her team at future festivals.”
Some 14,000 people attended the fifth edition of Reminisce Festival, and Merseyside Police is asking anybody who knows about the drug suppliers identity for clues.