The Medical Network: Comparison Site For Event Medical Cover Launches In The UK

John Perry
– John Perry
Founder of The Medical Network

To ensure the safety of eventgoers in the UK, the nation’s first comparison site for event medical cover and medical training launched in the UK today, Sept. 17. It’s called The Medical Network and was established by John Perry, a paramedic specialized in event medical cover.

Perry aims to transform the sourcing and booking of event medical cover in the UK and, making The Medical Network available to event organizers free of charge.
“Having worked as a paramedic for several years, before specializing in event medical cover, I soon realised that the process of finding a trusted supplier and choosing the right level of cover was often time-consuming, stressful and complicated,” said Perry. 
“The various levels of cover required, the minimum legal requirements and the complexities around event logistics often resulted in confusion and the wrong set-up and supplier being chosen. 
“This is why I’ve created The Medical Network, a platform which reinvents the process by taking away the time and hassle of organizing these services.”
According to Perry, “event organisers are able to, at no cost, source quotations from, and arrange bookings with, an exclusive network of the most experienced and professional companies and individuals in the market; all of whom have been personally vetted and approved by myself and my team.”
All quotation requests are checked by in-house paramedics and experienced event medics to ensure the right level of cover is being quoted for and all legal requirements are met. Any quote which doesn’t meet minimum requirements is reverted to the event organizers.
Once approved, the system distributes the quotation request to a range of specialist event medical suppliers with a proven track record, who then provide proposals. The planner/booker can the review the information and, “in the click of a button,” choose their preferred supplier, the announcement explains.
Perry added: “By removing the hassle from organizers and bookers and putting the checking into the hands of experts, we’re able to quickly identify any issues with the level of cover or meeting legal requirements and bring this to the attention of the organizer or booker.
“We won’t provide quotations for those looking to save a few pounds by cutting corners – we pride ourselves on our stringent approach as this is what will ensure for the safety of the public and minimise risk to the organiser.”
The Medical Network
– The Medical Network
The first comparison site for event medical cover has launched in the UK