OVG, Pollstar And Midem Continue Partnership, Add International Track To Pollstar Live! 2019

MIDEM 2018
Gideon Gottfried
– MIDEM 2018
From left: Jake Leighton-Pope, Andras Berta, Geoff Ellis, Leca Guimaraes, Jan Quiel and Neo Sala

Oak View Group, Pollstar and Midem are continuing and expanding the companies’ branding, marketing and content partnership for Pollstar Live! and Midem 2019 that was launched earlier this year, bringing cross-promoted, expertly-curated panels, keynotes, conversations and speakers tailored to the live sector of the music industry to both conferences.

Pollstar teamed with Midem in June for the inaugural Midem Live Summit in Cannes, France, and the partnership enters a new phase with the debut International Track at Pollstar Live! Feb. 11-13 in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hilton hotel.

“The debut Live Summit at Midem in association with Pollstar last June was an overwhelming success, and it was very rewarding to see the global music community embrace live content as part of the music business conversation in Cannes,” Ray Waddell, president of OVG’s Media & Conferences division said in a statement. “Live entertainment is truly an international business today, with artists more than ever approaching their careers from a global perspective. We are thrilled to continue this mutually beneficial association with Midem, and look forward to welcoming international music industry stakeholders to Pollstar Live! 2019 in Los Angeles.”

Midem Director Alexandre Deniot added, “As the home of the global music community, Midem’s partnership with Pollstar provides visionary executives from the important live sector with the opportunity to interact with their counterparts from across the international music ecosystem both at Pollstar Live! in February and at Midem in June.

“The second edition of the Live Summit at Midem and the inaugural International Track at the next Pollstar Live! confirm this partnership’s commitment to putting live music at the center of industry discussions.”

Midem, the long-running home of the global music community, will take place June 4-7 and bring together artists, agents, labels, publishers, tech, festivals and managers for four days of lively debates, business, networking and concerts.

Pollstar Live!, the world’s largest gathering for the live entertainment industry, is Pollstar’s flagship event. Both were acquired by Oak View Group a year ago. The event includes the Pollstar Live! Conference & Awards and Production Live!

For Midem 2018, Pollstar teamed with Midem to launch the first-ever “Live Summit at Midem in Association with Pollstar,” with live industry programming and events. Topics included, “The State of Global Touring Opportunities,” “From Where Will The Next Global Live Music Trend Emerge?,” “Navigating The International Festival Marketplace,” “The Next Gen of Live Music Players,” “Branding & Sponsorship,” and “Meet The Live” with such panellists and speakers as  John Reid (President, Live Nation Europe-Concerts), David Zedeck (Global Head of Music, United Talent Agency),  John Boyle (Live Nation Japan), Rob Hallett (Founder, Robomagic), Georg Leitner (CEO, Georg Leitner Productions), Morgane Canastra (Founder & CEO, Wyker), Marcie Allen (President, Mac Presents), Harvey Goldsmith (Promoter, Harvey Goldsmith Productions ), Natalia Nastaskin (Head of U.S. Music Operations, United Talent Agency), OVG’s Timothy J. Leiweke and Ray Waddell, and many others.

The second edition of the Midem Live Summit, in association with Pollstar, will take place June 6 in Cannes will again feature an exciting array of live industry players.

Pollstar will continue the momentum generated by the addition of live-centric programming for the first time at Midem 2018 with the debut of the “International Track in Association with Midem” at Pollstar Live! 2019. 

Panels for the track are set to include: “FESTIVALS: Adding Juice to a Mature Marketplace,” “TICKETING: Challenges + Opportunities in Global Ticketing,” “TOUR DEALS: How Best to Navigate Fluctuating Economies, Political Minefields & Diverse Cultures,” and “VENUES: Where are the New Venue Opportunities Around the World?” and will take place in the Wilshire Ballroom throughout Pollstar Live!.

In addition to varied keynotes, case studies and Q&As, Pollstar Live 2019! will host an array of panels filled with the live music industry’s most influential and visionary promoters, producers, agents, managers, entrepreneurs and venue operators, as well as leaders in other sectors aligned with and impacting the touring business. 

Expect an unprecedented three days addressing the biggest ideas and game-changing executives in the realms of booking, promoting, producing, ticketing, branding/sponsorships, marketing, technology and venues, as well as continued focus on the artist’s perspective that made Pollstar Live! 2018 the most artist-centric conference in the event’s storied history.

Additionally, Production Live! on Feb. 11 will take on the production side of the industry, with topics on sound, lights, staging, transportation, video, tech, and venue operations, delivered from tour managers, production managers, lighting directors, stage managers, and other touring professionals. 

Registration for the 30th anniversary of Pollstar Live! 2019  is open now at www.Pollstar.Live

Registration for Midem will open Oct. 9 at www.midem.com