Master Tour Releasing V3.0 With Autosync, Guestlist Features, Printable Reports

Tour management and logistics app Master Tour, which allows road crews and managers to organize itineraries, travel, production, accounting and more, is releasing version 3.0 promising a streamlined and more powerful tool for the road.
“We’ve worked really hard to pare down the number of clicks or taps needed to get from place to place,” says Matt “Sators” Satorius, lead developer for Eventric, sound engineer and former tour manager. “The goal is to make Master Tour ridiculously simple to use, while keeping all the functionality to deal with anything and everything a tour will throw at managers.”
Developed by Eventric and currently in private beta, new features and improvements include more visibility options (ie, talent not receiving load-in or lighting notification), autosyncing, guestlist features, printable reports, at-a-glance accounting and more. Version 3.0 will also soon be available in multiple languages, including Spanish, French and German.
“Eventric set the industry standard with Master Tour,” Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin said in a statement. “And now with Master Tour 3.0 the platform continues to evolve to meet the growing needs of the touring professional at every level. This is technology that saves time and money and can instantly professionalize any organization. Whether you are in a van or a private jet – you need this!”
Eventric is a Chicago-based provider of software and online services for the professional live entertainment industry, with clients including artists, managers, tour and event production companies, venues, festivals and more.