Qs With A Pollstar Live! Panelist: Annika Monari, Co-Founder Of Blockchain Ticketing Protocol Aventus

Annika Monari
– Annika Monari
Co-founder of blockchain ticketing protocol Aventus

Annika Monari is the co-founder of Aventus, a blockchain ticketing protocol, which could serve as the foundation for a ticketing system of the future.

At Pollstar Live!, Monari will be speaking on a panel with the self-explanatory title “Challenges Faced In Global Ticketing.” The session will cover technological advances in ticketing distribution and on-sales, secondary and security issues, venue and promoter relations, and touch on fan clubs/VIP, pre-sales, and other topics related to the global ticketing sector.
What are you most looking forward to about your panel “Challenges Faced in Global Ticketing”?
I am excited to hear what some of the world’s leading industry executives think about the impact of new technologies such as blockchain and identity recognition on challenges related to secondary ticketing and customer relationship management.
Which industry development has impacted the ticketing business the most in recent times? 
I think technological innovation by some key secondary ticketing companies combined with the higher margins in these businesses and greater marketing spend has had one of the most major impacts on the industry.
The growth in secondary has supported unfair activity, resulted in consumer and rightsholder backlash, led to legislative change in numerous jurisdictions and ultimately changed how primary and secondary ticketing platforms are positioning themselves internationally.
What aspect are you most looking forward to at this year’s Pollstar Live! Conference and why? 
I am looking forward to learning about which technological innovations industry executives think will be drivers of change in the coming years and how.
What recent accomplishment are you most proud of?
We have designed and implemented a ticket protocol which solves for scale and privacy on a completely open blockchain, requiring no trust in any central party
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What was the live show or shows that most changed your life and why?
When walking between the front of the main stage and the crowd whilst The Weeknd was playing with the founder of Lollapalooza and seeing what an impact one can have on so many people when creating that experience. We hope to be able to protect that relationship between the artist, fan and entrepreneurs as observed there with what we are doing.