So What Do You Wanna Know?

So What Do You Want To Know?
– So What Do You Want To Know?

Stuart Ross, Tour Manager, Red Light Management
Jake Berry, CEO, Jake Berry Productions
Mike Downing, Chief Security Officer, Prevent Advisors
Sara Full, Production Manager, The Lumineers
Charlie Hernandez, President, QED Productions, Co-Founder, JUSTABUNCHOFROADIES.ORG
Marty Hom, Tour Manager, Fleetwood Mac, Shakira, Beyoncé
Mark “Springo” Spring, Production Manager, Paul McCartney
In a wide-ranging town hall titled “So What Do You Wanna Know,” several industry luminaries gathered to answer audience questions about what they’ve learned over the years. 
The conversation drifted from breaking into the business to new challenges to securing a comfortable retirement — “That’s the wrong question for this panel!” prominent touring manager Marty Hom shot back — but trust and integrity were the guiding theme.
 “Make very few promises, but keep the ones you make,” said Mike Downing, Chief Security Officer of Prevent Advisors. And QED Productions president Charlie Hernandez laid out three key tenets of success: work hard, keep your word, protect your friends. “Better to keep a friend and lose a gig,” he said. “We always took care of each other.”