Eventbrite Opens Office In Spain

Javier Andrés
– Javier Andrés
Eventbrite’s country director for Spain and Portugal in front of the new Madrid office

Eventbrite has reinforced its presence in Spain with a new 2,300 square meter development center in Madrid. The move is to strengthen Eventbrite’s presence in Spain after having acquired Ticketea in 2018.
Eventbrite employs over 80 staff between the company’s offices in Madrid and Alicante. With the new office, scheduled to open in May this year, the company hopes to triple the team – mainly in engineering and product development – that will work in coordination with Eventbrite’s other international offices to serve event creators and attendees around the world.
Apart from office space, Eventbrite’s new Spain office will feature a cafeteria, relaxation areas, flexible work spaces, mother’s rooms for nursing mothers, a library, outdoor recreational spaces, as well as a dedicated events space, which the company hopes to open up to the local community of event creators for meetups, networking events, or tech, music, and entrepreneurial events in Madrid.
Javier Andrés, Eventbrite’s country director for Spain and Portugal, commented: “This new office isn’t just a new physical space for us. It will be the embodiment of Eventbrite’s thriving global culture, and we aim to make being here the closest thing to working in San Francisco – with a uniquely Spanish twist.
“Needless to say, this includes the employee benefits that Silicon Valley  tech companies are famous for, and which are designed to increase the happiness, health and satisfaction of our employees.”
Giuseppe Ciotta, the engineering director for Eventbrite in Spain, added: “The new development centre won’t just focus on Spain, either”, adds. “The engineers in Madrid and Alicante will collaborate with colleagues all over the world to develop vital aspects of Eventbrite’s global platform, which is critical to the future success of the company.”