ICM Drops Celine Dion For Alleged Non-Payment, Celine Dion Disputes Allegations (Updated)

Celine Dion
Graham Hughes / The Canadian Press via AP
– Celine Dion
Bell Centre, Montreal, QC, Canada
After initial reports surfaced that ICM Partners is suing Celine Dion for commission on a $500 million touring deal, Queen Celine has released a statement disputing the narrative that she is refusing to pay.
An internal ICM memo* first reported by Billboard and subsequently obtained by Pollstar explained why the agency was cutting ties with the Canadian superstar which read as follows:

“As many of you are aware, Rob Prinz has represented Celine Dion for over 30 years (since the beginning of her career), including her unprecedented $500 Million, multi-year touring and performing deal which she signed in 2017. Unfortunately, Ms. Dion is refusing to pay the balance of commissions she owes the agency on this historic deal.  Please know that we have made every effort to amicably resolve this matter.  While we continue to admire and respect her extraordinary talent as an artist, regrettably we are left with no choice but to initiate a legal proceeding to secure the compensation we are owed, and as such we will no longer be representing her. Thanks in advance for your understanding.”

Dion herself responded to the original report with a statement Feb. 15 on her Facebook page reading: “CDA Productions Inc. [Dion’s management] has indicated that they have no choice but to respond to the untruths that were alleged in the ICM memo, to first and foremost protect the integrity of Ms. Dion who has been publicly harmed by these false statements. CDA reports that ICM and Mr. Prinz did not resign. Ms. Dion terminated them in writing on May 7, 2018. CDA also reports that Ms. Dion is not refusing to pay millions of dollars in commissions from the touring deal.”
Dion was quoted in the statement: “I’m sad and disappointed by this false report that I’m refusing to pay ICM or Rob Prinz. I know that my team has made several very fair and generous offers to them and we really put a lot of effort in trying to work things out.”
A source with knowledge of the situation indicated to Pollstar that legal action is in motion.
Dion announced last year that she would be ending her residency at The Colosseum At Caesars Palace in June 2019. She has performed more than 1,000 shows in Vegas since 2003. 
The artist is still a major Boxoffice draw, having reported 30,778 tickets over three nights in New Zealand last year for a $5.73 million gross, and $5.12 million grossed over just eight shows in Vegas. She finished last year at No. 25 on the Worldwide Top 100 Tours chart with $65.2 million reported in gross off 306,581 tickets.
This story was updated with the ICM memo obtained by Pollstar.