CTS Eventim Pools Live Entertainment Forces In Pan-European Promoter Network ‘Eventim Live’

CTS Eventim
– CTS Eventim
CEO Klaus-Peter Schulenberg

Live entertainment giant CTS Eventim, based in Germany but operating across Europe, is combining its promoter activities into a new unit called Eventim Live, and announced the opening of a London office at ILMC.
The Eventim Live network comprises the 26 promoters operating under the CTS Eventim umbrella, which organize a total of 27 festivals in eight countries and some 5,000 live events with ten million visitors in ten countries each year.
“With this step, the company is responding to the needs of a growing number of artists who increasingly expect their Live Entertainment partners to offer cross-border touring opportunities with tailor-made solutions from a single source,” the announcement states.
CTS Eventim CEO Klaus-Peter Schulenberg commented: “Eventim Live offers artists of all genres the most convenient access to the largest possible audience in Europe. Anyone who plans their performances with one of our promoters gains access to a unique network that transcends national borders. 
“Eventim Live combines international reach with local know-how, entrepreneurial spirit with financial solidity, and the biggest festivals in Europe with the most exclusive club concerts. Together with my promoter colleagues, I look forward to offering all artists even better services of all kinds for their tours and festival appearances in Europe from now on.”
Eventim Live is comprised of all promoters in which CTS Eventim holds a controlling majority (see overview below).
CTS Eventim
CTS Eventim
– CTS Eventim

To date, these investments have been bundled in the Medusa Music Group. The Managing Directors of Eventim Live are Klaus-Peter Schulenberg and Dr. Frithjof Pils.
Being part of the new network gives the promoters access to a variety of services provided centrally by CTS Eventim, including in the areas of purchasing and marketing/sponsorship.
They also benefit from CTS Eventim’s software solutions, data analysis skills and resources that support them in data-driven tour planning and marketing campaigns, and provide them with validated information about an artist’s audience, ticket sales figures, and much more.
As Schulenberg explained during his ILMC keynote, CTS Eventim’s data was “unparalleled”.  He presented stats showing that the company collects 1.2bn fan activities with usage data per annum, 450 million website visits each year, has 88 million customer profiles as well as 42 million newsletter subscribers. 
Dr. Frithjof Pils said: “We want to share the benefits Eventim Live offers its promoters with our customers and partners. Artist representatives who approach a personal contact at Eventim Live will benefit from our new promoter network in many ways: they can now access 25 other promoters in a ‘one-stop shop’ – including the option of booking slots at any of our festivals throughout Europe. We also offer them our ticketing solutions in more than 20 countries. And last not least, besides our marketing reach, we also make our various data-based solutions available to them. In this way, we want to help artists reach as many fans as possible with their live performances.”
In the months ahead, Eventim Live will be opening a head office in London. On the one hand, it will serve as a central contact point for artists’ agents when planning live entertainment activities across Europe, and on the other it will support promoters from the Eventim Live portfolio in their day-to-day and new customer activities.
The company states, that “the autonomy of the promoters from CTS Eventim portfolio will not be restricted by the foundation of Eventim Live. The responsible Managing Directors, most of whom also own stakes in their respective promoter business, will continue to independently manage their companies.”