Belgian GOAT Urban Music Festival ‘Most Likely’ Fake

The poster for GOAT
– The poster for GOAT
Belgium’s Fyre Fest?

A festival advertised as GOAT Urban Music Festival and scheduled for June 8-9 in Bree, Belgium, and supposedly headlined by Chris Brown and French Montana, has been exposed as fake.
According to local news reports, Bree’s mayor exposed inconsistencies with GOAT after legitimate promoters contacted her to inquire about the event’s legitimacy.
Promoters of other events became skeptical after noticing that the advertised artists were already booked elsewhere.
Moreover, city authorities had not received applications for the event, no emergency or traffic management plans had been handed in and the promoter is nowhere to be found. 
All of the festival’s websites and social media channels were taken down, leading local authorities and police to warn people that the event was “most likely” fake.
Local police tweeted on March 6 that people who bought tickets for GOAT should report it.