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We have spent the decade chronicling the live industry that has seen the touring titans of the era – both old and new – take it to the next level. Rising stars like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift have emerged to join the ranks of U2 (the decade’s No. 1 artist, see cover story here), The Rolling Stones, Pink, Beyoncé & Jay-Z – just a handful of the powerhouse headliners that have traveled the global highways and byways during the past decade.

Capturing box-office data is daily fare for Pollstar, and since 2010 we have seen growth in practically every aspect of the live entertainment business. With average ticket prices that have risen 38% since 2010 and an average gross per show showing an 87% climb over the past ten years, it is full steam ahead.

Check out the Top 20 Touring Artists of the Decade below.

Artist Decade Gross
1 U2 $1,038,104,132 null
2 The Rolling Stones $929,196,083 null
3 Ed Sheeran $922,361,663 null
4Taylor Swift$899,627,048 null
5 Bon Jovi $868,715,392 null
6 Beyoncé$857,405,819 null
7 Paul McCartney $813,811,559 null
8 Coldplay $731,805,591 null
9 Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band $729,789,815 null
10 Roger Waters $702,231,419 null
11 Elton John $675,886,369 null
12 Metallica $661,907,247 null
13 Guns N’ Roses $648,112,698 null
14 Eagles $630,066,670 null
15 One Direction $628,242,521 null
16 Pink $626,026,122 null
17 Jay-Z $611,837,214 null
18 Kenny Chesney $608,693,967 null
19 Justin Bieber $554,229,462 null
20 Bruno Mars $545,585,346 null