Live Nation Announces Piedmont Hall Partnership

Courtesy of Live Nation
– Piedmont Hall
A rendering of North Carolina’s new Piedmont Hall.

Live Nation’s clubs and theaters division announced another substantial move Wednesday, sharing partnership plans with Greensboro Coliseum Complex for Piedmont Hall, the new multipurpose venue in Greensboro, N.C.

“Greensboro was a logical move for us,” said Ben Weeden, COO of Live Nation’s clubs and theaters division, in a statement. “It is a vibrant music market with a very large population base with demand for a 2,300-capacity-sized venue.”

Situated on the southern end of Greenboro’s Coliseum Complex campus, Piedmont Hall is a 20,000-square-foot venue that stems from a $4 million renovation to a former Canada Dry bottling plant.

“Our staff identified an opportunity in the Piedmont Triad marketplace for a multipurpose venue with a capacity of 2,300,” said Matt Brown, Greensboro Coliseum Complex managing director, in a statement. “The renovation of the former Canada Dry warehouse was as natural setting to create a dynamic space that would have the flexibility to host a wide variety of events and complement White Oak Amphitheatre and our other facilities.”

Aaron Lewis will open Piedmont Hall with a concert on Sept. 6.

Live Nation’s partnership with Piedmont Hall marks the latest move by its clubs and theaters division. Yesterday, Live Nation announced an exclusive booking deal with San Diego venue Soma.

“To give you some perspective, in the last year alone, we’ve added 10 venues, which is just an incredible number,” Ron Bension, president of Live Nation’s rapidly expanding clubs and theaters division, told Pollstar in December. “I think we’ve kind of reinvented the service aspect of this business. We really have focused our energies on not only building the best-in-class venues but providing the best-in-class fan and band service.”