John L. Reese, Founder and Owner, Synergy Global Entertainment, Inc

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John L. Reese
Founder and Owner, Synergy Global Entertainment, Inc

Life for SGE founder John Reese is getting busier and busier with the boutique festival market over the last five years growing exponentially. SGE’s impact is clear with both artist-curated events and branded lifestyle confabs becoming commonplace with Reese, along with COO Heather Vantress, leading the way.

“We’ve found our niche in these immersive, multi-attraction, multi-artist experiences to give fans of whatever genre or event we’re doing a chance to get away from their daily lives and have a full day,” says Reese.

With more than 30 events in SGE’s portfolio, Reese is predicting between 1.75 million and 2.25 million tickets sold for 2019 over 170 festival days. The former tour manager for Guns N’ Roses, who also worked on the Rockstar Mayhem and Vans Warped Tours, cites longtime artist collaborators such as Travis Barker, Mike Ness and Eddie Vedder as beneficiaries.

“Artists have a piece of the action and it affords them the chance to hopefully make more than they would on their normal headlining show, but a lot of artists still go out and tour, too.”  

Reese, who has seen it all, including a riot during a political coup in South America after a GNR show got rained out, says it’s become a truly artist-first business, which means being flexible, “whether it’s a massive thing that requires huge production, or maybe a more punk rock thing that’s less production and more intensive on the attractions side.”

SGE’s growth continues with two new events this year – the Real Street hip-hop mega-event at Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., and a new Mad Decent Diplo event at Gillette Stadium outside Boston topped by Billie Eilish. 

No wonder then that his pet peeves are “laziness and not giving a fuck.” 

Hot Takes

Your Favorite Laminate:

A Made Of Steel Black Sabbath laminate that Sharon and Ozzy gave me.

The Show That Changed Your Life:

Stoned in LA 1989, The Rolling Stones and Guns N’ Roses at the LA Coliseum. It was epic! 

Best/Worst Career-Related Advice You Were Ever Given:

Always try your best and destiny will await you. It’s neither the best of times or the worst of times … it’s just the times.

Biggest Miss By You And/Or The Industry:

There are too many to mention. I have missed more than I have made. That’s what drives me.

What Would You Tell Your Friends At Record Labels/Radio:

Music is vital, stay your course.

Artist To Watch/Breaking In The Next Year:

Finneas, Jessie Reyez, Bones UK.

Pet Peeves:

Laziness and not giving a fuck.

Technology that has most impacted your daily work or personal life:

Google Drives.

Ten Years Removed From The Great Slump, Can It Happen Again:

Absolutely, cycles are meant to be repeated.