Connecting To Tech (Including ToneDen, Prism) With The Eventbrite App Marketplace

Pat Poels
– Pat Poels

The new Eventbrite App Marketplace has opened, and the next iteration of the ticketing platform previously named Eventbrite Spectrum boasts more than 100 integrated apps providing a sort of one-stop shop for event producers with tools from email delivery to event marketing and even show finance.

“Think of it as a collection of very powerful apps that are designed to help our clients save time and run events more efficiently and ultimately sell more tickets,” said Eventbrite SVP of platform Pat Poels, adding that app integration has been a priority for the company and growing over the past 10 years.
While partner apps like Mailchimp, marketing platform ToneDen or event management tool Prism can be used separately, Eventbrite integration and shared data makes it that much more powerful.
“We’ve collected a lot of very powerful APIs that allow external partners to have a strong connection with the data that exists within Eventbrite,” Poels said. “For a partner like Mailchimp, our biggest integration, it’s an automatic synching of being able to move attendee data through Mailchimp through a mail campaign in a very easy way.” Poels says improvements include making the apps more discoverable and easy to use for clients, as well as deepening integration within Eventbrite.
“There’s been a deeper investment within each of our partners to make sure we look at those things our clients are doing with those apps, to try to strengthen those and to see where there’s opportunities to make the integration even deeper and more powerful,” Poels added. “We’re having a lot of conversations and doing a lot of work with some of the biggest partners of ours, the ones our clients are using the most, and to make those integration more and more valuable.”
With the App Marketplace’s most popular apps being email and automated marketing service Mailchimp, app connection tool Zapier, and CRM software HubSpot, the marketplace has announced other partners, including with social marketing platform ToneDen, which helps event producers and venues reach target audiences. 
“One of the greatest things for us has been the direct channel working with more event creators both large and small,” said ToneDen CEO Tim Thimmaiah. “Our motto has always been let’s take this really complex thing in event marketing, that only a few in the space really know how to do well, and find how to simplify and automate lot of these complex tasks in their event marketing life cycle – announcing an event, the onsale, when it closes it up. How can we simplify the work flow and figure out for them the science behind getting to the right ticket buyers in their market, and do it at a cost that is sustainable to them? That’s all that matters, really.”
Another app on board for the new marketplace is Prism, an event management tool that allows venues and promoters to track finances from top to bottom, from artist guarantees to drink specials. It’s an example of Eventbrite’s platform being easy not only for clients and the ticket buyers but for developers as well. 

Steve Sternschein
– Steve Sternschein
HEARD Events
“Eventbrite in terms of the way their modern platform works made it easier to have the great idea and then execute it because of the advanced API functionality,” said Prism co-founder and Heard Presents managing partner Stephen Sternschein. “Eventbrite is really serving the marketplace by providing the end points in an easy and transparent way.” He mentioned AdHoc Presents on the East Coast and Noise Pop on the West Coast as both Eventbrite and Prism clients that are able to work together seamlessly thanks to the advanced tech.
Prism recently completed a round of more than $2 million in seed funding, and Sternschein noted that in barely a year Prism has gone from zero to 100 clients.  Prism focuses on promoters booking multiple rooms and individual venues, who are able to track and centralize financial information in great detail, whereas a tour management logistics service primarily organizes calendars and logistical information for the road.
Going forward, Poels says Eventbrite’s focus is to improve and build relationships for the app marketplace partners, as well as grow.
“If there’s a place I’d like to see us get better over time it’s internationally,” said Poels, who spent five years as a professional poker player and was previously VP of software development at Ticketmaster.
“We have terrific partners for our North American music clients, but I would say we could get better with the best-in-class partnerships in Europe or South America. We have them but they aren’t as complete as we are in north America, so that’s a next-level set of things to look into.”