‘Toughest Decision Of My Career’: Spain’s Doctor Music Festival Canceled -BREAKING-

Doctor Music Festival
Doctor Music
– Doctor Music Festival
The now iconic event took place in the Valle d’Aneu three times (1996, 1997, 1998), before moving to Asturias for a one-off in 2000
Because the majority of fans had returned their tickets after the festival announced a change of venue, the promoters of Doctor Music Festival decided to scrap the comeback edition scheduled for July 12-14 at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.
Neo Sala
Doctor Music
– Neo Sala
Founder and CEO of Doctor Music

Festival founder Neo Sala explained: “Cancelling the comeback edition of Doctor Music Festival is among the toughest decisions of my promoter career. 

“At the same time, it is inevitable. The recent relocation of the festival has not been well-received by the public. Since the ACA (Catalan Agency d’Aigues) surprisingly ordered us to move the DMF, we’ve seen a huge number of fans cancelling their tickets. 
“While sales for our new location in Montmeló have risen in recent weeks, we ultimately won’t be able to offer the experience we were striving for.”
The reincarnation edition of Spain’s first major rock festival was first scheduled to take place at the festival original site, the Valley d’Aneu in the Spanish Pyrenees. But ACA, the Spanish water agency, had convinced authorities that the site posed a flood risk.
The promoters had said at the time that the risk was rather theoretical, seeing that the valley had never before been flooded in summer, “at least as far as current data shows,” according to a statement from Doctor Music.
Still, they were forced to relocate the festival to the Circuit de Barcelona racetrack in Montmeló, about 20 miles outside of Barcelona.
Greta Van Fleet, Rosalía, The Chemical Brothers, The Strokes, The Smashing Pumpkins, Underworld, Jimmy Cliff, King Crimson, Sabaton, Primal Scream, James Murphy, Mando Diao, King Crimson, Mando Diao and many more had already been confirmed to play the reincarnation edition of Doctor Music Festival.
DMF will fully refund all tickets bought for the event. The refund procedure will start next Friday, June 21, and will be an automatic process for all those people who have purchased their tickets through www.doctormusicfestival.com, who will receive the refund of the total amount paid without having to process any application. For any questions about the return process, the address [email protected] has been established.
Added Sala: “I’d like to thank everybody who, over the past three years, gave a helping hand in revitalizing one of Southern Europe’s most successful festival brands – artists, representatives, sponsors, partners, and, above all, the fans. A special thanks goes to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, who have done everything possible to adapt their spaces to a festival that had been originally designed to occupy a whole valley of the Pyrenees. Today, the Doctor Music Festival is canceled. But the spirit of the cow is still alive.”