FKP Scorpio Reflects On Ed Sheeran Records

Ed Sheeran
Torsten Karpf
– Ed Sheeran
Playing to his biggest crowd so far: 100,000 people at Germany
Ed Sheeran’s “Divide” tour has officially broken U2’s record for highest grossing tour of all time. The show that did it took place Aug. 2 in Hanover, Germany, in front of 75,000 spectators.  Promoter FKP Scorpio took the opportunity to highlight a couple records of its own that Ed Sheeran helped break.
A total of 28 concerts from the “Divide” tour were staged in seven European countries by FKP Scorpio, including the largest concerts ever played to date by Ed Sheeran in his impressive career: Jun 22-23, 2019 at the Hockenheimring, each with 100,000 fans. 
This was followed by two shows in Prague, July 7-8, in front of 145,000 fans, and in Helsinki on July 23-24, in front of 108,000 fans. According to FKP Scorpio, they markets the largest concerts ever staged in the Czech Republic and Finland. “No live act has ever reached more fans there,” the promoter stated.
In all, FKP Scorpio sold 1,458,805 tickets for the Ed Sheeran concerts it promoted, which is roughly 17% of the more than 8.5 million fans, who will have seen the artist live by the end of his tour, Aug. 26 in Ipswitch, England. At that point, he will have played 255 concerts in 170 venues in 45 countries. 

FKP Scorpio promoter Inga Esseling, Ed Sheeran and FKP Scorpio CEO Folkert Koopmans
FKP Scorpio CEO Folkert Koopmans said: “We are delighted, along with Stuart [Camp] and Ed, about the gigantic success and the unbelievable results of the ‘Divide’ tour, and we are very proud to have been a part of it. The 28 concerts we organised were without doubt the highlight of our many years of cooperation with this exceptional artist, which began in 2011 with his appearance at the Rolling Stone Weekender at Weissenhäuser Strand in front of around 200 people.”