Andrea Paschal to Succeed Michael Bunnell As Executive Director Of Coalition of Independent Music Stores

Coalition of Independent Music Stores
– Coalition of Independent Music Stores

Michael Bunnell, executive director of the Coalition of Independent Music Stores (CIMS), has announced his retirement, with longtime GM Andrea Paschal to take over the role in January.

Bunnell, who has served as executive director since 2009, was a founding member of CIMS in 1995. Before being elected executive director he spent years as either a board member of chair of the board of CIMS. As head of CIMS, he’s run ThinkIndie Distribution, which is owned by CIMS. He’s also been on the board of Record Store Day.
Bunnell and his wife, Jil Sevy, are the founders and owners of The Record Exchange in Boise, Idaho, a record shop that includes a coffee and gift shop. After retiring from CIMS, Bunnell plans to spend more time running the iconic family-run shop he opened 42 years ago.  
“The independent stores remain the heart and soul of this industry, and it’s where the true believers still reside,” Bunnell said in a statement. “In an age of instant gratification and digital domination, our stores still fight the good fight and bring art and excitement to communities around the world. They all deserve respect from an industry that hasn’t made it easy for them to survive. I hope that by providing them all a platform to share ideas and marketing muscle, the CIMS stores are stronger and more resilient than they were when I arrived.
“I’m thrilled that Andrea Paschal is taking my position at CIMS,” Bunnell added. “We both entered our roles at the same time, she as the General Manager and myself as the Executive Director. We have worked side by side for 11 years to make CIMS and ThinkIndie a stronger and more sustainable organization. With a strong Board of Directors in place to determine direction and Andrea in my position, I leave the group in excellent hands.”
Paschal commented, “After the past decade of working alongside Michael as the General Manager of CIMS and ThinkIndie Distribution, stepping into the role as the future Executive Director of the company feels like a natural transition. I am beyond honored to have some of the best independent record stores in the country place their trust in me to be a voice for this valuable organization as well as independent retail as a whole, and I look forward to all the challenges and opportunities ahead of us.”