Steve-O Returns To ICM Partners For Exclusive Representation

Courtesy ICM Partners
– Steve-O

ICM Partners returned “Jackass” impresario Steve-O to the agency fold, as he is back at the company for worldwide touring representation. 
After failing out of the University of Miami, Steve-O couch-surfed for three years before attending Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College to further his goal of becoming a stuntman. Determined to make it in Hollywood, he began to pitch his home videos to producers, including Jeff Tremaine, who was working with Johnny Knoxville to create a stunt-based reality show. MTV aired the first season of “Jackass” in 2000.
Steve-O has had continued success as a force in the world of stand-up comedy and as a New York Times best-selling author for his memoir, “PROFESSIONAL IDIOT.” He has amassed over 20 million social media followers, filmed an hour-long comedy special, “GUILTY AS CHARGED,” for Showtime, and has held several minor acting parts.
Now in his forties and wanting to out-do his previous work, Steve-O is addressing the “unfinished business” on his bucket list, filming the most outlandish stunts he’s ever dreamt and screening the all-new, unreleased footage exclusively on his “Bucket List Tour.”  This new, live show is a multi-media comedy event which explores just how high the bar has gotten for Steve-O’s stunts.