Viagogo Addresses Concerns Of UK Competition And Markets Authority

The UK’s competition watchdog CMA announced today, that viagogo has addressed the CMA’s outstanding concerns about how it presents important information to its customers.
The CMA therefore suspended preparations for court action in relation to those issues. It does not, however, rule out future action “if the problems recur or if other issues are identified,” according to the CMA announcement.
The CMA first threatened to take court action against viagogo in April 2018. In July of this year, the authorities put the ticket resale site on notice that it was moving forward with contempt of court action following repeated warnings that viagogo had not done enough to comply with a court order the CMA secured against it. 
According to the CMA, “viagogo has now addressed the UK competition authority’s outstanding concerns about how it presents information.”
Andrea Coscelli, chief executive of the CMA, said: “The viagogo website UK customers now visit is worlds apart from the one they faced before the CMA took action. Key information needed to make informed decisions before buying a ticket is now much clearer including on where you’ll sit in a venue and whether you might be turned away at the door. 
“What is clearly not acceptable is the time it’s taken to get to this stage. Stronger consumer powers are required in the secondary ticketing sector and we will continue to work with the Government on the most effective way to achieve this. A key part will be the Government’s existing plans to give the CMA stronger consumer protection powers, so that it can rule on whether a company has broken the law and impose fines on those infringing companies.
“We will keep up the pressure on viagogo to ensure that it continues to comply with UK consumer protection law.”
Viagogo released the following statement: “viagogo is pleased it has been able to work with the CMA to find solutions to the final few areas of discussion, as confirmed by today’s statement. We have strived at all times to ensure we are correctly applying the CMA order, this has been a complex and detailed process, and open dialogue with the market authority has been essential. 
“We are grateful to the CMA for their engagement over the past few months and the ability of both parties to work collaboratively to reach this point. Looking ahead we will continue to work with them to ensure we are delivering the best possible service for our customers and challenging the wider ticketing market to raise its standards in the interests of all in the live event world.”
As the CMA informed, a further independent review of viagogo’s compliance with the court order will be completed in October 2019. “If the results of this review, or any other fresh information, suggests the company is not meeting its obligations then the CMA will not hesitate to take further action – through the courts if necessary,” the CMA stated.