Dan McGee

Dan McGee 

Tour Director / Manager / Accountant

Justin Timberlake • Hugh Jackman • Il Divo

Dan McGee’s career has seen him manage tours of an incredibly wide array of artists, from Skinny Puppy to Barbra Streisand. Most recently, he’s helmed tours for Hugh Jackman, Justin Timberlake and Il Divo. 

He’s also helped, in various capacities, artists including Shakira, Linkin Park, Dixie Chicks, Beyonce, Toto, CSNY, and k.d. lang keep their touring and financial lives on the road in order. By understanding the art of the deal and bringing professional business acumen to the fore, he’s able to keep tour stakeholders happy.

“The business acumen and qualities that I bring to touring are based around fundamentally understanding the deal, and how mitigating factors, logistics, and every financial decision end up impacting the artist’s earnings – and therefore what they bring home to their family,” McGee tells Pollstar

“Working alongside renowned lawyers, promoters, talent buyers, financial directors, business managers and tour accountants has molded my understanding of the deal from both sides of the settlement table. 

“However, above all else, when the best efforts can’t avoid problems, be ready with solutions,” McGee adds.

Communication being a key component of any tour manager’s job, he’s seen the technology advance from being done by fax machine to WhatsApp. But being able to deal with key challenges that make for a successful career remain the same.

“Being ready to adapt to the needs of the client, troubleshoot what comes along the way, and still adhere to the bottom line,” chief among them, McGee says. “Whatever the circumstance requires, be it new tools or skills, I have to be ready to answer the client’s efforts to present the best show possible.”