DC Parmet

DC Parmet

Elton John

Working as Elton John’s full-time tour manager since 1997 has helped not only keep DC Parmet traveling around the world, but has helped him develop “hostage negotiating skills” and “cat-like” reflexes. 

He got into tour management from his previous work in tour accounting and, over the years has soldiered through plenty of canceled flights, hotel complaints, weather and lost luggage. He thanks his lucky stars for the internet, which not only solves bets but also allows instant access to information, and describes the iPhone as a total game changer. 

Discussing one of his favorite Elton stories, he was at an NYC hotel and the doorman tells them the SLS car is there. “I thought it strange CLS sent an SUV when I ordered a van. The driver was headed through the park, away from MSG. I asked him why he was going through the park to get to MSG. He then said, ‘I didn’t think any of you were Joe Pesci!’”

Parmet’s best advice to up-and-coming tour managers is “Start at the bottom, learn all you can by watching and doing and find a mentor to help guide you.” And the man is going to be busy for most of 2020 as Sir Elton’s “Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour” is routed through Australia, New Zealand, North America and the U.K., into December.