Misty Roberts

Misty Roberts

Jonas Brothers • James Taylor

Touring has changed substantially since Misty Roberts got her start working with regional Midwestern bands in 2002. What’s remained constant, according to the veteran tour manager, is the need for “an extreme understanding of the human condition.”

Whether tour managing small acts or megastars such as the Jonas Brothers, Roberts has needed strong interpersonal skills daily.

“I try to be the catalyst in making sure that the people on my tours are able to reach their potential and find a place to learn, grow and feel their best,” she says. “If you aren’t able to put the needs of the whole group above your own, [tour managing] might not be for you.”

Technology has revolutionized Roberts’ job, for better and for worse. On the plus side, communication is easier than ever and online services help tours go green by reducing paper trails.

But, she says, technology “has created an environment where everyone is expected to be available 24/7. I’m trying to move away from that paradigm. Everyone needs to be able to recharge and take hours for themselves.”

Still, working with legends such as James Taylor makes the endeavor worth it. “He is an artist that sees the entire picture … which is rare,” Roberts says. “There is a reason he is an American icon.”