Tina Farris

Tina Farris

Goodtime Girl Media, Tina Farris Tours, Managing Director

Anderson.Paak • Ella Mai • The Roots • The Internet • Steve Lacy

Tina Farris may have the all-time best becoming-a-tour-manager story: Farris became a tour manager  because of her fandom.  It came in 1999, after following her “favorite band The Roots around the world,” she explained. 

“I didn’t need to return back to school to teach until September. 

“I hung around so long Richard Nichols (manager and fearless leader and all-around mentor) and Shawn Gee (now Live Nation Urban President and music business genius) asked me to stay.” 

Ten years later, she’s worked on tours by Anderson.Paak, Ella Mai, The Internet and Steve Lacy. 

She cites her master’s degree in clinical psychology in marriage, family and child counseling as indispensible in her line of work.  “You spend a lot of time together on the road and that requires patience which I never knew I had until I started being a tour manager,” she says. “Even being a teacher at Compton High prepared me for this. I can find peace and order in every situation.”

When asked for her favorite road story, she answers like a discreet pro. “Not sure I should tell it here,” she says before asking, “What’s this publication rated?”