No. 15 – One Direction

credit: Kevin Mazur / AMA2015 / WireImage

No. 15
One Direction
Decade Gross: $628,242,521.00

Tours: Up All Night Tour (2011-2012), Take Me Home Tour (2013), Where We Are Tour (2014), On The Road Again (2015) 

The Team:  Management: Modest! Management: Will Bloomfield. Agency: CAA

One Direction making the touring artists of the decade list is extra significant, seeing that the band has been on a hiatus since 2016. The band’s manager at Modest!, Will Bloomfield, told Pollstar: “This is a significant accomplishment of which we are all extremely proud.”

Reflecting on the main reasons for 1D’s incredible live career, he said: “Obviously it all starts with the band who even though they had been five individuals brought together on a television show, had an extremely clear vision of who they were, what they wanted to be, and how they wanted our support in getting to that point. You then add extraordinary work ethic and ambition, a world class record label with creative ideas, skill and tenacity and an exceptional plan with management who glued the whole thing together. Oh, and the the right songs and a bit of luck… It’s that simple!”

Bloomfield said Modest!’s head of live & production Ant Carr was “at the epicentre of our touring operation. He covers everything Modest! artists do live and I can guarantee no one balances artists creative integrity and desire and profitable bottom line like he does! Steve Levitt at Production North was also key, as of course were Mike Greek at CAA in the UK, alongside David Zedeck and Brian Manning with Rob Light in the U.S. 

“SJM and Live Nation were incredible partners and believers from day one. There were many other people that dedicated many years of their life to the band who also played a significant role. The truth is that it was truly a massive team effort. Success has many fathers!”