No. 16 – Pink

credit: Mauricio Santana / Getty Images

No. 16
Decade Gross: $626,026,122  

Tours:  Funhouse Tour (2009); Funhouse Summer Carnival Tour (2010), Truth about Love Tour (2013–2014); Beautiful Trauma Tour (2018-19)

The Team: Management: Roger Davies, RDWM: Agency: Marshall Arts (Worldwide)

When you’re talking Sweet 16, you’re talking a full-force artist who’s as vocally compelling as she is physically jaw-dropping. For Pink, who got her start doing track dates wth 

*NSYNC, the decade saw the full-tilt entertainer evolve into the only woman capable of intense aerial work, flying and never missing a note. Her 1.5 million ticket 2009 “FunHouse Tour,” which became Australia’s largest tour in its history, gave way to the all stadium 34-show “Funhouse Summer Carnival Tour,” where she was deemed “Sweden’s biggest stadium act,” was the first female solo act to open London’s Wireless Festival and brought the cumulative gross to $200 million. 

Her 2013/14 “The Truth About Love” became the year’s third highest grossing with $184 million over 142 shows around the world. Then with a five-year break, Alecia Moore roared back with the “Beautiful Trauma Tour,” which grossed $397.3 million and played to over 3,000,000 fans, to become the biggest female tour this decade and second biggest female tour this year. As Live Nation’s Brad Wavra says, “What she’s done is just… outworked everyone! She wouldn’t take ‘NO’ for an answer; kept striving and pushing herself. (There’s no one on the road like her.)”??