No. 3 – Ed Sheeran

Luigi Rizzo_Pacific Press / LightRocket via Getty Images

No. 3
Ed Sheeran
Decade Gross: $922,361,663

Tours: + Tour (2011–2013); × Tour (2014–2015), ÷ Tour (2017–2019)

The Team:  Management: Stuart Camp, Grumpy Old Mgmt. Agency: Paradigm (N. America); CAA (Int’l). 

No single Artist of the Decade had as great a leap from the back of the pack to the top of the heap than Ed Sheeran. 

“Glastonbury 2017 was probably THE moment from a live perspective,” says longtime manager Stuart Camp. “Huge crowd, not necessarily an Ed crowd, that we never took for granted. i.e. spent the day worrying if anyone would turn up. At the other end of the scale, but by no means any less important, was Guildford’s Boilerroom [275 cap.] … our first multiple show and the place where we first met –  and instantly went into business with – Marty Diamond.” 

Doing multiples would become de rigueur for Team Ed as their touring approach never wavered from playing to as many fans as possible, keeping prices low and setting attendance records across the globe. This explains how Sheeran sold the decade’s most tickets at 11,329,573 and had the Top 20’s lowest average ticket price at $81.41. His is the A-Team for sure.