No. 6 – Bon Jovi

Alexandre Schneider / Getty Images

No. 6
Bon Jovi
Decade Gross: $836,661,584

Tours:  The Circle Tour (2010); Bon Jovi Live (2011); Because We Can: The Tour (2013); Bon Jovi Live! (2015); This House Is Not For Sale Tour (2017-19)

The Team: Management: Full Stop Management, Irving Azoff. Agency: CAA 

Bon Jovi has been a rock ‘n’ roll workhorse since emerging from New Jersey in the late 1980s, but it takes more than just a willingness to put nose to grindstone that puts a band among the Top 10 touring artists of a decade.

There’s the music, and there’s magic; an amazing team making sure all the pieces fit together and the machine is tuned to its finest. And when your frontman is Jon Bon Jovi, the rest follows. 

Having one of the great frontmen of all time on board “is pretty special,” Bon Jovi agent Chris Dalston of CAA tells Pollstar. “There are very few bands that can play stadiums and arenas around the world for as long as they can. 

“I have worked at CAA for over 20 years and each tour seems to be bigger than the one before. Jon listens to music and knows trends and genres as well as anyone. He is very competitive. This is his career and he wants it to last as long as possible. He takes care of himself and follows a punishing routine to stay healthy and focused. Many young bands can learn a lot about work ethic from watching Jon,” Dalston says.

And he’s been watching Bon Jovi a long time, having started out as the band’s international agent, going with the band to Asia. “He wants to know that the people working for him are singularly focused and that he can expect nothing but passion, dedication and loyalty. And he’ll give you the same in return.”?