No. 7 – Paul McCartney

Suzi Pratt / WireImage

No. 7
Paul McCartney
Decade Gross: $813,811,559

Tours: Up and Coming Tour (2010 -2011); On the Run Tour (2011-2012); Out There Tour (2013-2015); One on One (2016-2017); Secret Gigs (2018); Freshen Up (2018-2019)

Management: Scott Rodger, Maverick; Agency: Marshall Arts

Anyone from the live business who’s touched Sir Paul McCartney’s touring career has a similar glowing reaction – even longtime team members. “I’ve had the honour of sharing three decades with Paul McCartney – each one memorable and special,” says the inimitable Barrie Marshall of Marshall Arts. 

“Paul’s legendary catalogue of amazing music, his boundless energy and utter commitment to always give the best performance possible – and always remembering to play what people want to hear – makes every concert fresh and inspiring.” Sentiments some 5.9 million fans share who caught one of his shows along his torrid touring schedule. When averaged out, McCartney played a show nearly every other week for the past 10 years. 

“We’ve done some of the greatest stadiums and arenas around the world, and at the same time managed to pull off shows at Grand Central Station on a Friday evening at rush hour,” says Macca’s manager Scott Rodger, referencing McCartney’s 2018 “Secret Gigs” where he played five impromptu free shows, all underplays including at Liverpool’s historic Cavern Club and London’s Abbey Road Studios. “There’s no other artist performing today who has the ability to do what Paul is capable of doing,” Rodger says. “It’s an honor and privilege for our whole team to be a part of this. Here’s to the next decade!”