Pollstar Impact NextGen: Adam Lynn

Adam Lynn

Co-Founder, Prime Social Group
Age: 30 
Favorite Show of 2019: Breakaway Carolina, Charlotte, N.C.

Now just 30 years old, taking his lumps at an even younger age in the notoriously difficult 

independent festival space has taught Adam Lynn valuable lessons quickly. “Biggest mistake I made was going too big too early,” he says. “Life is long, your career is long, take your time and build slowly. I call it the Ichiro model of hitting singles/doubles for runs instead of swinging for home runs or grand slams. Build trust, build relationships, and the rest will follow.” The co-founder of Prime Social Group has seen the company’s flagship Breakaway Music Festival grow 20% or more in attendance every year and branch out to new cities. “It’s a major feat to have one successful festival, I am so proud of how we’ve been able to scale to many successful festivals,” he says, giving much credit to partner and PSG co-founder Zach Ruben, who is very hands on with talent buying, production and finance. 

Adam considers working in this industry a privilege and says every festival day feels like the Super Bowl. 

“Sometimes it’s still a shock to me that this is a profession and this is my job. We’re creating experiences people will remember for a lifetime. Friendships, marriages, all sorts of relationships are built through meeting at one of our events or strengthened by the experience. I really love it.”