Pollstar Impact NextGen: Alec Vidmar

Alec Vidmar
Music Agent, UTA
Age: 28
Favorite Show of 2019: Pop-up concert with 
Against Me! in Asbury Park, N.J.

Alec Vidmar clearly remembers the first show he was in charge of: a Less Than Jake concert at his college. “We didn’t anticipate that there would be a massive audience, so I didn’t book security. Instead, a huge crowd showed up. 

A giant circle and mosh pit broke out, and kids were crowd surfing non-stop. We had stage-hands and volunteers catching flying people everywhere. I’ve learned a few things since then!” Which is why, today, Vidmar oversees all tour dates for UTA’s Nashville clients across 13 states, from Delaware to Florida across to Louisiana and up to Tennessee. He said he’s “proud of how I have helped elevate newer artists’ careers to a level where they can support their families. There is nothing more rewarding than booking a client’s show and watching the audience escape their problems and immerse themselves in the music.”

Being aware that this business never sleeps, Vidmar is mindful of maintaining a work-life balance. 

He said: “I handle the busy schedule by remembering to take a step back and fully recognize the results. Watching a great show that I had a part in creating makes it all worth it. Live music is one of the most important parts of my life. This isn’t just a job.”