Pollstar Impact NextGen: Jarred Arfa

Jarred Arfa
– Jarred Arfa

Jarred Arfa
General Manager, Artist Group International

Age 35

Favorite Show Of 2019
Jay Z, B Sides at Webster Hall

 The affable and wise-beyond-his-years scion of the largest independent agency, which since infancy), oversees all aspects of the family business. This includes legal, finance, corporate reporting, business development, HR, artists tour contracts, VIP ticketing deals, sponsorship and more.

Of course he cites his father, Dennis Arfa, as his mentor: “His ability to read and analyze a room or a situation has had a big impact on me as well as his marketing instinct in coming up with creative ways to make a show feel like a can’t-miss event,” Jarred says. But he wasn’t always in the family business.

“I also worked for Mitch Slater at [the late] Bob Sillerman’s CKX when I graduated college,” he says noting there he learned the power of inspiration outside of music. “I was the director of Muhammad Ali Enterprises at CKX Inc,” he recalls. “Seeing how emotional and moved people would get from meeting Muhammad or just being in his presence is something I will always remember.”

His advice for the next NextGen: “Read Pollstar! The young generations don’t read the industry trades as frequently and they provide a wealth of valuable insight and information.” Music to our ears.